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“I have worked with Mansell for many years and he knows how to keep the Cache County Recorder's office running well and to continue the service the public has come to trust.

Join me in voting for Garrett Mansell for Cache County Recorder”

Michael L. Gleed, Current Cache County Recorder


Having worked with the Recorder’s office for many years I know first hand the integral part the recorder plays in all property transactions. Many departments and companies rely on the information from the recorder to help those who are buying or selling or refinancing real estate.

After 42 years of service our Current Recorder Mike Gleed is retiring. The standard he has set as one of the top recorders in the state is something we need to carry on if we want to keep Cache County one of the top recorders offices in the state. The next recorder needs to be able to carry on that high standard and that will require experience.

I have been in the title industry for 20 years and my experience searching and working with the recorders offices across the state of Utah and parts of Wyoming is what sets me apart from other candidates. I know what works and does not first hand.

I have the experience and knowledge to carry on the high standard at the Cache County Recorders office. I ask for your support and vote.

Thank you

a portrait of Garrett Mansell
Garrett Mansell
Cache County Recorder

"I have worked with Mansell for many years and he knows how to keep the Cache County Recorder's office running well and to continue the service the public has come to trust. Join me in voting for Garrett Mansell for Cache County Recorder."

Michael L. Gleed, Current Cache County Recorder

"I am supporting Garrett Mansell for county Recorder for many reasons.  I believe that he is the most qualified candidate running. I have worked in the title industry for 20 years and I have seen the knowledge that Garrett has first hand. He is an asset to this county and its residents.

Garrett’s experience working for a local title company has given him a great understanding of abstracting, platting, and the need for correct and accurate records. He is always willing to lend a hand and will work well with the public, title companies and any real estate professional."

Jill Mauchley, Title Officer

"The County Recorder MUST be someone with experience in Title work, searching, recording and abstract. It is crucial to have  the RIGHT person in that position. Garrett Mansell is that person.

Garrett has 20 years of experience. He cares about the work and doing it CORRECTLY. He will take care of Cache County and our private property title needs."

Nancy Davis-Buckway, REALTOR, Associate Broker

"We have known Garrett Mansell for many years and believe he is the best candidate for Cache County Recorder.

He is experienced in the title industry which gives him the knowledge needed to run the Recorder's office, he's also a great people person. He will do a great job!"

Nina Knowles, Title Officer
Melanie Pace, Title Department

“I have known Garrett Mansell for 35 years. He has always exhibited leadership, hard work and honesty in his life and profession. Having worked in real estate almost all my life, I know first-hand the importance of having a title professional leading the Recorder’s office. Garrett is the right person for the job! Please cast your vote for Garrett Mansell, Cache County Recorder."

Wayne Niederhauser, Former Utah State Senate President

"I am pleased to add my endorsement of Garrett Mansell for Cache County Recorder.  I worked closely with Garrett in the title and escrow industry for several years. On a daily basis, I observed and experienced, first hand, his ability to professionally interact with the public in a dignified and respectful manner, while dealing with highly technical and emotional issues.  He communicates with clarity and is a practical problem solver.

I have known Garrett to be genuinely interested in the quality of life for the residence of Cache County, as demonstrated by the service he offers to his family and community.  Garrett will get the job done.  His experience and belief in personal property rights--including exactness to assure legal ownership--qualifies him is every way to serve as the Cache County Recorder."

Darrell G. Simmons

"I have worked in the real estate/title industry with Garrett Mansell for many years, both in collaboration on projects and as a competitor. There are few individuals in this industry that match his level of integrity, diligence, work ethic and personality. I have found him to be a high character individual who works great under pressure and does so while being very personable.

I highly recommend Garrett Mansell for the position of Cache county Recorder and support him in that office." 

Gifford Baugh, Branch Manager, Advanced Title Insurance Agency

"Garrett Mansell has all of the necessary skills to carry on the duties of a successful County recorder. He has years of experience in the title industry, accurately understands the County records and is super enjoyable to work with.  Help our County keep the most accurate records in the State by supporting Garrett!"

Laura Liechty

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